A bit of an insufficient word, but it is all I have.  So thanks to the following, I could not have done this without you:

  • my running partners/rivals/bad influences: James Hampton (@ActiveODcoach); Ben Griffiths (@benjiflute); Andrew Revell (@Bikingforabevvy); Mark Adair (@MarkJAdair); Rob Davidson (doesn’t do social media);
  • Andrew Carswell (@poorginge) for listening to me both before and after 7/2, and for being a committed supporter of Up & Down Runner;
  • Caroline Clark (@carolineclarkdesign /, for designing and donating the perfect logo;
  • personal trainer Charlotte Willoughby-Parsons ( for not laughing at my press-ups and putting up with my constant whingeing about injuries;
  • Sweatshop Trump Street (@sweatshoponline / and The Running Works (@runningworks /, very lucky to have the two best running shops in the UK so close to work;
  • the team at City Athletic ( @CityATHLETIC1 /, for helping me build a semblance of upper body and core strength, and for their generous donation;
  • The Altitude Centre (@AltitudeCentre /, for giving me experience of running up a mountain without having to leave the city, and for their fundraising support;
  • physiotherapist Mike Davis and the rest of the team at HFS Clinics (@HFSClinics /, not only for curing my numerous physical ailments, but also for the advice and support, and for being committed to getting me back on my feet and keeping me there;
  • therapist Dr. Vanessa Ruspoli (, without whom I would never have found the confidence to start the blog, or run up mountains;
  • Campaign Against Living Miserably (@theCALMzone /, for giving me the inspiration to write honestly about my experiences, and for your support of the blog, and my running challenges;
  • Mind (@MindCharity /, for making me understand and come to terms with my illness, and for the fundraising support;
  • Freddie and Caspar King (too young for social media), for the quotes, stories, pictures and for being themselves;
  • Camilla King (@millking2301), editor, designer, social media advisor, wife and saviour; and
  • all of my friends, family and colleagues, who, without exception, have been more understanding and supportive than I ever could have hoped.


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